Lockdown success with our online auctions at RPA

Published: 16th February 2021

We’ve been running property auctions since 2013, but since the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve switched from our traditional ‘ballroom’ style auctions to a fully-online auctioning service - with great success!

Having operated a successful online auctioning system in recent months, we’ve fully embraced the online platform to offer fully remote, online bidding in light of its many advantages.

Our director & head auctioneer, James Vandenbrook said: “When the pandemic forced us to stop holding an actual event at our auction house, we set out to find a way of making online auctions just as lucrative for buyers and sellers as the traditional auction house, but we quickly discovered that there are many ways in which they can be even better.”

Not only have we found the online system can be more convenient and accessible, enabling people to bid from wherever they are, the final moments are just as exciting as people compete to become the highest bidder before the lot closes.

“Grab a bargain or attract the highest bidder”

We’ve put a lot of working into finding the best systems to combine the transparency and security of a traditional auction hall with the simplicity and convenience of online retail. 

After running some very successful online auctions last year, we’re taking the next step to fully embrace this as a service that goes beyond what we could have done before.

“Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a property in Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire or Derbyshire, online auctions have incredible potential to help you grab a bargain or attract the highest bidder with ease and simplicity”, James explained.  “The system is far more accessible and it gives you more control and greater flexibility while being completely safe and secure.

“While the final moments as the bidding closes are just as fun and frantic as in an auction hall, the extra time we allow, combined with the ability to place bids and track an auction from wherever you are, means it’s perfect for people who enjoy a more relaxed approach or who don’t have the time to go to an auction in-person.

Simple, secure and convenient

The online auction platform has also enabled us to operate further afield, acting for a number of clients who have properties out of our immediate area. This allows the online platform to reach bidders and buyers far and wide and we have seen particular growth in the North East. 

Every business has had to adapt as a result of this pandemic, but it’s often the case that the best way forward is to accept change, rather than fight it. At Regional Property Auctioneers, we’re convinced that online property auctions are the future and we’re really excited to have launched  a fully-fledged online auction facility to bring the many advantages of online auctions to buyers and sellers.

We currently host six or more auctions each year, with a 70% sales success rate. We publish catalogues of upcoming properties online prior to each auction and interested parties can arrange in-person viewings in advance. Bidding then takes place online over a set timeframe, with optional email alerts and automated bidding facilities for when you’ve been outbid.

Join us for our next online auction on the 24th February 2021. Click here to see the properties we have for sale.

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