Join our online property auctions

Our property auction service combines the security, transparency and excitement of in-hall auctions with the simplicity and speed of online retail.

Based on our years of experience in residential and commercial property auctions, our online auctions make it easier than ever before to buy or sell property.

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How do online auctions work?

If you’ve used eBay, you’ll be familiar with how our online auctions work. Our specially designed bidding platform enables you to view the latest bid and submit your offer with the click of a button.

As with eBay, the window for bidding is a little longer than it would be at an in-person auction so that everyone has a chance to stay on top of the auction, but the final moments are just as thrilling as the bidding process comes to an end.

With your permission, you’ll be notified if you’re outbid and when bidding ends. You can also set automated bidding so you can always have the highest offer by bidding in increments up to a limit of your choice.

With Regional Property Auctioneers’ online auctions, you can buy and sell properties quickly, easily and with complete confidence.

Auction Dates

As all of our actions are now online our auction dates are set to meet a sellers needs, so speak to us and we will be able accommodate your needs..